【NBA】Sorry! He was seriously injured shortly after he signed the contract.

Harrell’s career has been clouded.

It is reported that after a training session in the offseason, Harrell showed signs of swelling in his right knee. In order to find out the injury situation, he accepted the MRI examination today, but obviously the result was not satisfactory.

Harrell reached a renewal contract with the 76ers this summer with a veteran’s basic salary. Last season, he played 57 times on behalf of the 76ers, averaging 5.6 points and 2.8 rebounds per game.

In order to make this contract a little more “fragrant”, Harrell did a lot of operations-this summer, Harrell first chose to jump out of the player option in the new season contract and became a completely free agent. He signed a one-year veteran’s basic salary contract.

The purpose of Harrell’s operation is to earn an extra $130,000! Since the salary cap of each team has increased by 10% this season, the contract salary increase in Harrell’s player option is 5%, which means that he can earn a 5% gap in this way. If Harrell chooses to implement the player option, his salary in the new season will be 2.76 million US dollars, and now his salary will reach 2.89 million US dollars, including a difference of 130,000 US dollars.

Aside from his injuries, Harrell’s performance last season was very mediocre. He represented the team in 57 games in the regular season, averaging only 11.9 minutes per game, and averaging 5.6 points, 2.8 rebounds and 0.6 per game. Assists 0.3 steals 0.4 blocks, shooting 59.8% from the field and 69.3% from the free throw line. In the playoffs, Harrell was completely sat on the bench, only played twice in total, and played only 7 minutes in total.

Now his injury may make the team reconsider his status on the field.

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