The All-Time Best & Worst NBA Jerseys

Wednesday marks tipoff time in the NBA as the 2019/20 regular season gets underway. It’s a wide-open season filled with storylines, meaning we have plenty of surprises instore on the path to the Finals.

If you’re a fan of the game, you might also notice a sudden influx of NBA jerseys out and about. That bloke in his 2012 LeBron James Heat jersey? Yeah, he’s back. And what about the NBA “fans” who were surprised to find a Russell Westbrook Thunder jersey half-price at Foot Locker? He’s back too!

Australian summers and NBA jerseys are a winning combination, but only if you know which ones are hot and which ones are not. To celebrate the new season, here’s a look at some of the all-time best and worst.

The Best
1995-98 Toronto Raptors

Easily one of the tightest set of threads in NBA history.

Bold, vibrant and bright, the 1995 Toronto Raptors jersey is an all-time classic that continues to be a popular throwback purchase at your local Culture Kings.

The velociraptor on the front is timeless – just ask any 28-year-old male with a half-sleeve and a schooner at your local. Seriously though, white and purple just go hand in hand, especially on the back of Vince Carter.

1998-2001 Charlotte Hornets

Forget knock-offs at your local market, if you’re searching for a real-deal vintage 1998 Charlotte Hornets jersey, you best be prepared to pay a hefty price.

Aside from Michael Jordan and first-round playoff losses, Charlotte’s green and purple threads are what the Hornets are most known for. It’s not just jerseys either, as a vintage Hornets starter jacket will also set you back half a paycheck.

The Worst
1995-99 Atlanta Hawks

Nothing about this jersey is good. The Hawk in the middle just looks tacky, while the colour scheme is such a far cry from Atlanta’s excellent red, yellow and white threads from year’s past.

Atlanta has produced some of the best and some of the worst jerseys in NBA history, and this, alongside their 1970-72 green and blue concoction, are easily two of the most forgettable.

1985-1990 Indiana Pacers

Probably as redneck as it gets. Sure to find one in a Salvos bin somewhere.

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