How did the NBA small ball era come about? Pioneering quests lead to great ages

NBA Beginning in 2011, James Wade and Chris Bosh’s Heat swept the league with small ball tactics. Small balls competed fiercely with traditional big balls, each winning and losing. We might as well call it the “NBA half small ball era.”

Since 2015, the Golden State Warriors have risen violently in the melee of the princes, swept the league with smoother small ball tactics, established a dynasty, and declared the advent of the small ball era, and the traditional big ball era is completely dying.

Ma Zhe told us: New things are conceived in the matrix of old things, and they always absorb, retain and transform the positive factors in old things as the basis of their own existence and development.

The advent of the small ball era did not happen overnight. Many predecessors have carried out useful explorations in the big ball era. When all the concepts form a joint force, and under the coaching of the talented Kerr, a great small ball era has come.

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