Griffin chose the No. 91 jersey for a clear purpose, not for scoring, but for rebounding

Green Army new aid Griffin will wear the No. 91 jersey. No. 91 in the NBA means doing the dirty work to the extreme in a desperate way. Griffin said in an interview that he chose No. 91 because of Rodman. In the past two NBA seasons in the Nets, Griffin has been playing in Rodman’s way. His change of NBA jersey number is nothing more than a vote.

A former No. 1 pick, now completely accepting his blue-collar status, he said that it is for the NBA championship, but who knows that he is even more interested in getting a chance to play in the NBA. If possible, Griffin would definitely want time to stay forever on the night of the 2009 draft. At that time, he was wearing a fairy suit and riding a furious horse, and he was the focus and the protagonist. glorious future.

Now Griffin bombed the ball into the basket time and time again on the court, so the injury hit, and he tasted the pain for the first time, so he had to make a decision whether to play in a closed court, so he broke his wings and could only play Rolling in the mud, so in order to survive in this NBA league, he put on the No. 91 NBA jersey.

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