The NBA jersey was torn unexpectedly! green jersey in pieces

Basketball is a sport full of confrontation. If the two sides conflict again and cause friction, it may suffer for the jersey. In addition, the jersey is often the object of players venting. The sponsorship of NBA jerseys has changed from Reebok Adidas to the current Nike. There is nothing to say about Nike shoes, but the quality of the jerseys is really not very good.
The NBA once launched short-sleeved jerseys in a short period of time, which also caused an uproar at that time. Short-sleeved sleeves will bind the players’ muscles, which may affect the shooting action. James once ripped his short-sleeved jersey during the game, and the current league has returned to the NBA sleeveless jersey.

Nike’s jerseys have been torn many times. As a big point guard, although Simmons has a good assist, his personal offense is still the main inside line, which will cause Simmons to also be blocked by the inside line. The NBA jersey was also inadvertently torn, and Simmons took it. The torn NBA jersey asked the referee: You told me that this is not a foul?
Let’s compare the quality of the NBA jerseys in the Adidas period, Malone’s inside melee, Deron’s foul on Kobe who was breaking through, the NBA jerseys have been pulled, but they are not bad. The elasticity is quite good, I can only say There is no harm without comparison!

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