Solar Powered Automatic Watering Device Intelligent Watering Timer Water Pump Irrigation System Garden Dripper Potted Drip Sprinkling

Solar Powered Automatic Watering Device Intelligent Watering Timer Water Pump Irrigation System Garden Dripper Potted Drip Sprinkling


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Product Description

– Built-in battery, sunscreen charging
– Rainproof, low power consumption, more energy saving standby
– Silent motor can work more quietly
– Adjustable water output
– Food silicone irrigation pipe, anti-aging, temperature resistance, tasteless, sun protection, corrosion resistance.

1. Name: Timing automatic watering device
2. Brand: Autumn Rain (qiu yu)
3. Motor power: 3W
4. Battery voltage: 3.7V, battery capacity: 2000 mAh
5. Input voltage: 4.2V-6V
6. Interface type: micro usb
7. Pump flow: 850ml / min
8. Waterproof rating: PI67 rainproof
9. Built-in 16850 lithium battery Rechargeable battery
10. The weight set is about 600 grams
11. Packing size: 8×15×25 cm
12. Battery board size: 127*8.7*1.0cm

Product List:
Set 1:
1 x Host
1 x Usb Cable
1 x Solar Panel
1 x Instruction Manual

Set 2:
1 x Host
1 x Usb Cable
1 x Solar Panel
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Filter
1 x 10m Water Pipe
10 x Tee Joints
10 x Drippers
10 x Misting Nozzles

Intelligent Watering Timer Instructions:

1. Installation (Need tools: scissors or utility knife)

A. Fix the main body and water source, measure the length of the required water pipe, and use scissors to cut a suitable length of water pipe, insert the inlet into the water inlet at the end; insert the head into the blue circle of the filter, insert it into the bottom, and then put it. Into the water source.

B. If the water source is pure water or tap water, the filter can be placed at the bottom of the water source; if it is a non-clean water source such as rainwater, the filter needs to be fixed at 5-10CM from the bottom to prevent the sludge from entering the filter and causing blockage.

2. Main body inlet and outlet

3. Drop spray integrated rod

The rotating nut part can adjust the amount of water, and tighten to reduce the amount of water, and vice versa.

4. Instructions for Watering Timer:


– Cycle time: The calculation starts from the start of the pump and the interval between the next time the pump is turned on.

– Battery status: Indicates that the battery is out of power and must be charged, otherwise the pump will not work.

When charging, the grid in the box flashes to indicate that it is charging. It usually takes 8 hours to charge from power, shortage to
full charge.When charging, it displays full grid and does not flash, indicating that charging is complete.

– Working status: The display indicates that the pump is working. ”Lo”,When the watering time shows“Lo”, the battery is running low and needs to be charged.


– Power: Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn the power on or off. When it is turned on, the pump starts to work and restarts timing.

– Setting: Press the setting button to flash the first digit. At this time, press the increase button and the corresponding digit will change from 0-9. After selecting the desired digit, press the setup button again, the number jumps to the next digit, using the same The method is set. When finished, press the“Start/Reset”button to complete the setup and start the pump.

– Increase: Press and hold the data you want to set to increase, release it and stop increasing.

– Start/Reset: When the pump is working, press this button to stop working; when the pump is not working, start the pump and start calculating the cycle time again.

1. please do not spray or soak.
2. The main body should be placed above the water level.
3. The head must be kept clean.
4. The main body inlet must be blocked when not in use to prevent dust from entering the pump and causing damage.
5. Do not use for a long time, please charge it every three months to prevent battery damage.
6. When the water source is higher than the dripper, it will cause the siphon phenomenon of dripping water. You can adjust the water source or the dripper position, or let one of the drip heads be higher than the water source. If you have any questions, please contact us. Customer service gives guidance.