Floor Mops Self Wringing Microfiber Mops for Floor Cleaning Professional Tool

Floor Mops Self Wringing Microfiber Mops for Floor Cleaning Professional Tool


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Product Description


1. X-shaped automatic ultra-fine fiber floor mop: Human’s hand imitation principle, wring water more completely, this floor mop able to rotate by 360 degree, easier to clean edges and corners, with glass fiber in floor mop head for through cleaning

2. Application: Dust, sauce, milk,hair, this floor mop can be used to solve all these problem. It can be used in different kinds of floors: hardwood floor, tile, marble, granite and concrete, the floor mop of x-shaple designing is good to cleaning the corner .

3. How to use mops: Simulated artificial wringing-One hand holds the handle of the floor mop, the other hand easily push down the floor mop of Lower rod to wring out. Sliding repeatedly, the floor mop head can easily be screwed dry. We also put a floor mop instructions in the package.

4. Perfect handle design: This hardwood floor mop is with 55″ long handle which allows you to clean window and ceiling fans. Deep corner cleaning and labor saving, the floor dust mop is designed for solving the problems such as dust, sauce, milk,hair, etc. And it’s also great for cleaning window, walls, cars, and boats at the same time.

5. Upgrade: We have refined the conventional floor mop, improved the material and process structure, thus greatly increasing the life of the floor mop. This self wringing floor mop meets all your need. And the floor mop is permanently guaranteed.


Material: Microfiber cloth

Size: As shown