American Sound Connection H115 1 x 15-Inch Deep Angle Round Sub Box (Single)

American Sound Connection H115 1 x 15-Inch Deep Angle Round Sub Box (Single)

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Product Description

Looking for a sub box for your hatchback or coupe? Our hatch enclosures are ideal since they direct the bass waves at an angle towards the rear of the vehicle to produce maximum performance from your subwoofer(s). This model enclosure is ideal for entry and midlevel subwoofers since mounting depth can be a problem on large magnet subwoofers. This is a single 15″ sealed enclosure which means it’s designed to deliver tight accurate sound quality. Just be sure to check the air space recommendation for the subwoofer(s) you plan to use.

Our boxes are made from precision cuts of MDF. They are then liquid nailed, nailed and completely sealed. We then wrap them with high quality carpet that matches most vehicle interiors. All Boxes feature high grade spring loaded terminal cup(s) for the absolute best connection possible. All the custom series enclosures are made to fit precisely into your vehicle to the get the max performance from every extra inch of wasted space.

We guarantee you will not only see a difference in the quality of the boxes we build, but you will hear the difference and that is what is it is truly all about.