9 Colors Fashionable And Popular Hair Dyes Will Not Harm Your Hair

9 Colors Fashionable And Popular Hair Dyes Will Not Harm Your Hair


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Product Description

1. Color: 9 colors
2. Contains innovative ingredients, which can protect and provide charming color to the hair as needed.
3. Package: 1pcs

Precautions before coloring:
1. Please read the instructions before use to get the best color effect.
2. Wear plastic gloves and a cloak to avoid soiling.
3. Before dyeing hair, hair should be clean and dry.
4. Light-colored hair can always be dyed better, while dark hair needs to be bleached first.
5. Perform an allergy test 24 hours before use. Avoid using conditioner or oil before coloring.
6. It needs to be used with hydrogen peroxide milk.

How to use:
1. Use a brush to apply the premix on the hair section by section.
2. Leave the premix on the hair for 40-60 minutes.
3. Rinse hair thoroughly.

1. It can be washed after cleansing.
2. After dyeing, it may fade, it is recommended to wear dark clothes.
3. It is best to wash off the color before going to bed to prevent the color from falling on the pillow.
4. Easily apply to light-colored hair, especially gray and blond hair. But dyeing black or brown hair is a bit difficult, so you need to repeat it a few times to get better results.
5. Children under 3 years of age and pregnant women are prohibited from using it.