100pcs/set Kids Bedroom Beautiful Multicolor Fluorescent Glow In The Dark Stars Wall Stickers

100pcs/set Kids Bedroom Beautiful Multicolor Fluorescent Glow In The Dark Stars Wall Stickers

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Product Description

Product Usage:

* You can stick the luminous patch on the wall, ceiling, glass, packaging box, Christmas tree, refrigerator appliances, etc. Wherever you can think, at night, turn off the lights, only It is beautiful to see the twinkling stars and moon.

* Don’t underestimate it is just a small luminous board, but it can make your “sky” no longer empty, you can also stick it on the glass to play a decorative role, and turn off the lights at night When you fall, you find a lot of beautiful stars in the sky, let you sleep until dawn, you can also let your baby feel the stars to sleep with him, as if sleeping in the embrace of nature, so that the night is no longer lonely And enjoy the fairy tale fantastic dreams.

* Each bag is equipped with a double-sided adhesive tape. When you lie on the bed, the stars surround you. It feels like sleeping in the clouds, the stars and the moon are blinking at you, so romantic. Made of luminous powder, the darker the environment, the brighter the decorative sticker. The products are exported to Europe, America and other places, and meet the safety standards.

Light emitting principle:

* The principle of luminous paste luminescence, luminous products absorb and store energy after being excited by visible light such as sunlight and light, which can naturally emit light in the dark for a long time, and the product absorbs light repeatedly.

* The product itself does not produce light, it relies on absorption of light to shine, and the time of strong light is tens of minutes; in a completely dark environment, the time of low light is up to 10 hours. If the brightness of the environment exceeds the brightness of the stone itself, it does not appear to emit light, but there is light in the dark environment.

Product Name: Luminous Patch

Quantity: 100 pieces / set (pictured)